Aeons G-Seires 42U Professional Server Rack Enclosure Cabinet Kit, Server-Depth, Secure Glass Door, Cable Management


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The G-Series cabinet platform is designed with the installer’s perspective in mind, offering a variety of features that make tasks more efficient and streamlined. These features include removable and replaceable cable entry plates, leveling feet, accessories channel, and a range of options such as a variety of door and panel styles, cable management capacities. These features, combined with its attractive design and high quality, make the G-Line cabinet an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective solution to house data and communication equipment.
  • RU heights from 12U to 48U
  • Variety of depths and widths
  • 19” EIA-standard mounting rails
  • U spacing marked and numbered
  • Zero-U accessory channels
  • Removable cable managers (800mm width only)
  • Adjustable cable access openings with covers
  • Support 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) load capacity

Standard configuration Includes

  • Robust frame, 1
  • Square hole mounting rails, 4
  • Front door with swing handle lock, 1
  • Rear door with swing handle lock, 1
  • Side panels, 2
  • Vertical cable managers (for 800mm width only), 2
  • Top panel with cable pass-thru openings and covers, 1
  • Bottom panel with cable pass-thru openings and covers, 1
  • Leveling feet and casters, set/4
  • Equipment mounting hardware (cage nuts, washers and screws), set/40



Support diverse applications:

  • Available in a wide range of RU heights, widths, and depth, with many configuration options.
  • EIA-310-E 19”W universal mounting spacing.

Integrated electrical grounding:

  • the roof, bottom, side panels and front and rear doors are grounded to the frame of the enclosure.
  • Additional grounding inserts are provided for external grounding.

Adjustable mounting rails:

  • The vertical mounting rails can be adjusted in 1/2 in (12.7 mm) increments.
  • U positions are numbered front and back for rapid installation of equipment.

Doors and side panels:

  • Front and rear doors are available in vented, solid or tempered glass styles.
  • Vented doors have perforation rates up to 78%.
  • Split rear doors allow for better clearance.

Cable Access:

  • Large cable access slots in the roof and bottom panels.
  • All openings come with removable covers.

Accessory Mounting:

  • Full-enclosure height rear accessory channels for zero-U mounting PDUs and cable management accessories.
  • 32in (800mm) wide versions allow devices to be mounted between the rail and side panel.









    Rack Height 


    Rack Depth (in. / mm)

    39.5 / 1000

    Maximum Device Depth (in. / mm)

    35.4 / 900

    Front Door Type


    Load capacity (lbs)


    Number of vertical mounting rails


    Number of L brackets




    Cable access 

    Top, Bottom

    Unit Dimensions (H x W x D / in.)

    81 x 23.6 x 39..5

    Unit weight (lbs)


    Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D / in.)

    87 x 28 x 45

    Shipping weight (lbs)




    Grounding lug 


    Grounding Wire kit


    Built-in cable management



    RoHS, CE, EIA/ECA-310-E, IP20 Protection

    Warranty Period 

    10-year limited warranty


    Applications and Selection:

    Configurations are available in black or white in a wide range of sizes including heights from 12U to 48U, widths of 600mm and 800mm, and depths of 800mm, 1000mm, 1100mm and 1200mm. Customizations are available with and without side panels.


    12, 18, and 24U enclosures — Remote offices and small spaces.

    42U enclosures — Standard height used globally, designed to fit through standard doorways.

    45U enclosures — Enclosures with additional U-spaces for environments that standardize on a 45U, 7 ft. (213 cm) enclosure height.

    48, and 52U enclosures — More U-spaces for more equipment in the same footprint and fully utilize space.


    24 in. (600 mm) wide enclosures are the standard for most server and network applications with medium-density cable management capability. 32 in. (800 mm) wide enclosures offer more space for high-capacity cable management and power distribution. The 800mm wide enclosures features two removeable high-density cable managers with covers installed.


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